Lab Updates

May 2021

  • Sam Hirst has joined the lab as a Ph.D. student. Sam will be focusing on venom evolutionary genomics and identifying mechanisms underlying rapid adaptation. Read more about Sam here.


August 2020


  • Extremely excited to announce that NSF has funded our Bridging Ecology and Evolution proposal (DEB 2027446) entitled "Eco-evolutionary dynamics of disease-induced apex predator declines"! Looking forward to continue working with Drs. Andrew Storfer, Menna Jones, and Hamish McCallum on the Tasmanian devil-DFTD system.​

December 2020


  • Preston McDonald has joined the lab as a Ph.D. student. Preston will be focusing on coevolutionary interactions between rattlesnakes and their prey. Read more about Preston here.

  • Check out our new paper looking at transmission dynamics in Devil Facial Tumor Disease which was just published in Science! Lot's of nice stories about this work at Science News, National Geographic, and The Conversation. Check out Science's podcast here as well. Huge congrats to Austin Patton and Andrew Storfer for leading this project!

January 2021

  • Check out our new paper looking at the genotype-phenotype relationship for the simplest but most toxic rattlesnake venom which was just published in PNAS! Big thank you to the Parkinson lab for co-leading this project. The paper has been covered by PopSci, NSF, Clemson, and USF